Big Smoke

The heavily chromed and affably thuggish leader of the Chimney Boyz.


“He sat hunched over the table like a half-steel bull at a misappropriated coffin. Whilst most of his body was covered in leather and studs, you could tell that the chrome hand he sported wasn’t the limit of what a man like this would do to his body in the pursuit of emulating his childhood hero: his local neighborhood garbage truck.”


The leader of what has become London’s premiere band of joy riders, hot modders and car thieves. Big Smoke’s band of oil-stained ne’er do wells rose to prominence after spending a huge chunk of their savings on the service of four shadowrunners in eliminating their rivals (the now extinct Silkbone Cabal).

Respectful of the Runners who secured his group’s future, he nonetheless has a mixture of opinions of them all. Line’s coldness in how he delivered the results of the job gave the seasoned thug more than a little pause, especially when combined with Knife-1’s gleeful butchery. He doesn’t know what to think about Ivory, other than that mages are bad news and the less time she spends with his crew the better. Nuggler, on the other hand, is a good pal and the two have shared more than one round of drinks in front of a game of Urban Combat in the time since the job.

Big Smoke

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