A Decker currently living a low lifestyle in London, running with a new crew through the fixer Reno Pyatt.

Line is 32 years old and has been in London for two years having fled Hong Kong after an incident left his team, Recursion, unable to continue operating. As a result his SIN was scrubbed and identity erased so he hit the underground and fostered a Bliss addiction to hide from the world.

He is fluent in English, Cantonese and Japanese. He has a strong history of decking and building software, and is trained for infiltration including weapons handling, acrobatics and small vehicle driving/piloting.

He is around 5’10", of asian and european descent and fairly athletic build. He has a single cybereye he uses primarily for AR functionality and his cyberdeck is augmented into his chest, never leaving his side. He has a Suzuki Mirage called Axiom and a Cavalier Deputy named Point.

Currently he is shadowrunning to raise funds for an unknown cause, and is increasingly gravitating towards becoming the face of the emerging group.


Parents were Wong Kar Lau and Rosa Esparcieux.

Was a member of Blue Sun.

Was a member of Recursion.


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