Murphy Law

The sculpted hero of hundreds of millions worldwide.


" Law furrowed the best brow that nuyen could buy as Nuggler went on.
“And you can guarantee that Oscar, bro?”
“You’re damn right I can. This is a movie of love lost and regained. Of metahumanity. Of failure and redemption so profound that I broke into tears right as I was writin’ it.”
Murphy Law looked down at the greasy, tear stained paper towel the summary was scrawled on and didn’t doubt it for a moment.
“It’s got a moonbase.” he replied.
Nuggler leaned in with far too much enthusiasm.
Three moonbases.”
“I don’t know, brah…. what about this sidekick? Where can we find someone good enough to faithfully play someone who can bring me back from the brink?”
The painfully lengthy silence was punctuated purely by the newfound adulation and hope that shined in Nuggler’s moistening eyes."


Murphy law is a wanted man. Wanted by movie viewers as a hero, movie producers as a star and corporate executives as a brand. This 24/7 adulation has made him the man he is today and in one of his rare moments of self awareness, he might even be thankful for that.

The runners came into contact with the trid star on the set of one of his newest films. Whilst Line infiltrated the director’s trailer to steal the data wanted by their employer, Nuggler and Knife-1 provided a distraction by acting as extras in an explosive car chase and crash scene.

Murphy Law

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