The teams first fixer and worst critic.


A permanent grimace etches the gnarled dwarf’s whenever he’s forced to move. The leftovers from his Red Samurai inflicted injuries that were bad enough to ache, but not bad enough to fork over a fortune for replacement body parts.


The first fixer the team ever had and indeed the man who brought most of them together. This distinction sadly didn’t keep him from the Renraku reprisal for his connection to them once the drek hit the fan.

Whilst impressed by the teams effectiveness, more than once he had to nag them about keeping their heads down after a job and making sure they were as careful as they were useful. After the job in the Renraku subsidiary lab, he lost his temper and told the crew to lay low for awhile. Or at the very least leave him out of things.

As an act of good faith, he pushed them Professor Dennis Vandel’s way. He owed Vandel a favour from the start of his own career and was happy to unload the proverbial trolls in the china store.

Unfortunately, this distancing didn’t stop him being dragged back into things when a Renraku Red Samurai traced the team to him and extracted whatever information Reno held about the four runners.

After being left strapped to his table and with more than a few lacerations and broken bones, Reno managed to send a message to his group and warn them about what’d happened. He may have considered them a huge pain in his ass and he definitely wasn’t about to die for them, but professional pride at least gave him enough reason to let them know the storm that was coming their way.


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