Shin Hideki

A prominent member of Renraku's elite Red Samurai.


“The heavily cybered, almost skeletal seeming Red Samurai stands over a bloodied and battered Reno who looks to be strapped to his desk on his back. He fishes something out of a pocket on his bandoleer before holding it up to the Reno’s face. A pair of new looking, gold and green flecked cybereyes. Still bloody.”


A prominent member of Renraku’s infamous Red Samurai, Shin Hideki’s responsibilities are twofold: ensure the safety of Renraku assets and ruthlessly remove anything that threatens said safety.

Despite the expectations of his station, he has always been more suited to the latter than the former.

In theory, Shin’s appointment as leader of Renraku’s security operations in the UK should be a titanic honour. But truth be told, Renraku’s comparatively minimal presence in the UK as well as it’s isolated nature make it something of an exile for the brutal warrior. His perceived failure to kill a seemingly loyal Renraku executive who was in fact a willing extraction target tainted his reputation in an undefinable way that only the complex whirlpool of Japanese corporate honour could distinguish.

Given the mostly unfettered nature of his current post, he pursues his objectives in his own manner, usually one of overwhelming force and aggression. And thanks to his efforts, Britain’s shadowrunning community has been feeling the squeeze.

Shin Hideki

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