A dwarf and ex-special forces member who saw action across the globe before becoming a freelancer, mostly working for PMC’s. After a few years of this and decent profit he grew tired of the violence and command structure, operating in a semi-retired state in Asia.

During this time he toured many of the world’s spiritual sites searching for a deeper meaning in his life than the violent world he’d been trained for. Settling in India for two years he emerged a changed man and moved east to Shenzhen, China.

There he tutored troubled and homeless youths in conflict resolution and personal development, acting as a mentor for many years. He found a peace and solitude there which was disturbed by events unfolding around the globe.

Deciding he could no longer have such a passive role he dusted off his old skills and moved to Hong Kong to work private security. On one of his jobs he met a kind hearted Ork named Xiang and realised that between the two of them they were the start of a solid team.

After some recruitment, including a false start with a technomancer named Shock, Devin had his team together and called it ‘ Recursion’. Specialising in infiltration and data extraction (though with potential conflict resolution) they were highly successful and respected, operating within the confines of the law as a sub contracted security group.

In 2070 Recursion were sent on an extraction mission which took a turn for the worse when a Renraku red samurai team turned up to attack them. Devin called a retreat which was largely unsuccessful, and was last seen turning back from a doorway to face the oncoming attackers to buy time for his team to escape.

He hasn’t been heard from since.


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