Karin was Recursion‘s mage and had an ongoing, though never formalised, romantic relationship with Line. She was a 5’10" elf who primarily focused on combat magic.

Karin’s mother was a prostitute and often ill treated during Karin’s childhood. As a child Karin was particularly wilful and even from a young age knew she was destined for more. During a rather awkward ‘awakening’ of her powers as an eight year old Karin killed two pimps that were harassing her mother, forcing them into exile from that world.

Far from gratitude her mother chastised and beat her for this, blaming Karin for putting them both in danger. Distressed and confused by this the young Karin fled and was taken in by a mentor known as ‘Crimson’, a street mage. For most of her teenage years Karin learned dark, violent magic becoming a formidable and deadly combat mage.

Crimson eventually vanished when Karin was 18 leaving her to define her own future. One day when visiting her mother she found her strangled, probably one of her clients, and sought the culprit out. When she found him she held back from killing him, turning away from the dark calling inside her and instead chose another path.

Spending a few years drifting whilst working in a magic store Karin eventually caught the attention of Devin during one of Recursions missions. Immediately offering her a job she accepted and Karin became a permanent member of the team.

Karin was last seen fleeing the site of that mission but appeared to be caught in an explosion as they exited to the helipad, witnessed by Line.


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