Milly was Recursion‘s mother figure, agony aunt and moral compass all in one. She was a 46 year old human female shaman standing asbout 5’2" with mousey brown hair and emerald green eyes.

Despite a deeply giving nature Milly grew tired of the inaction and passive attitudes of her spiritualist friends and decided to take a more pro-active approach. Upon her immersion in the Hong Kong underworld she found she had a surprising ability with conflict resolution, finding a home amongst the fallen.

After a few years of herding the lost and broken Devin caught wind and offered her a position on Recursion. Not wishing to leave her work in the slums she struck a deal; she would go on Recursions missions as long as they did not conflict with her work.

Devin admired Milly greatly for her resolve and her work with those in need, the two growing close although never romantic.

Milly was last seen on ‘that mission’ with Recursion, summoning every spirit in sight to face the Red Samurai attack.


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