A cybernetically enhanced Ork from Hong Kong who operated as the muscle for Recursion. Xiang was 6’5" Ork replete with arm spurs and wired reflexes.

Kind of soul Xiang was physically abused as a child by his adopted father, a human who also extended that abuse to Xiang’s mother. Being a sensitive and kind child Xiang suffered this abuse strongly until one day at the sight of a particularly bad beating his mother received he snapped. His adopted father was near beaten to death by the 12 year old Xiang who was horrified at his own actions and promptly went on the run with his mother.

Wanting to hone the inner violence productively he trained in martial arts as a teenager and got a job as a bouncer as soon as he was able. Having such a likeable and giving personality he ill fitted the world he so excelled at but made strong connections, eventually earning enough to get him and his mother out of the slums.

One day he was offered a job at Wuxing to work security for good money which he accepted. He grinded that job for a few years benefitting greatly from their cybernetic enhancement programs until a few years in he saw something ethically unsound. He promptly quit working for Wuxing and became freelance, primarily working private security.

During that time he met up with Devin who was assigned an escort job alongside him. They immediately hit it off and Devin told him of his plan to start up his own team, eliminating the middle men. Enthused at this Xiang became the first recruited member of Recursion.

Xiang was last seen in 2070 making a stand against a team of red samurai who were approaching whilst Recursion tried to extract on ‘that mission’, two years ago.


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