Kelsey Nuggler

The daughter of Dark Nuggler. More enthusiastic about academic pursuit than following in her father's footsteps.


“Nuggler sluggishly trundled up the stairs before bed, already caught between the dual cravings of spending his latest payday and sleeping off the last few hours. Despite the early hour the light of Kelsey’s bed room was on, so he did his fatherly duty and stuck his head in without knocking.

Kelsey looked up from the mess of her desk, several of her schoolbooks hastily covered up by a collection of wrestling and weightlifting magazines that her father had forced upon her at any available opportunity. Nuggler couldn’t suppress his disappointed sigh at seeing that New Thews Monthly wasn’t even the right way up.

“Oh! Hey dad! I was just…. uh … getting in the mood before hitting the gym.”

Fighting against exhaustion, Nuggler forced a smile.

“That’s great, hun. Just make sure to wipe the machines down when you’re done. Gym etiquette’s important, y’know?”

Closing the door as gently as he could manage, he let out another nasally sigh and thumped his forehead against the doorframe.

Where had he gone so wrong with this girl?


One and only daughter of the world famous* Dark Nuggler, Kelsey’s life is a one that mirrors her own father’s in a peculiar way. And not the way he wants.

Forgoing the usual troll pursuit of the physical, Kelsey’s passions run much more towards literature and maths. Whilst she spends a little time in the family gym along with being on the school’s under 18’s Rugby team, she struggles to keep up with her studies under her father’s disapproving scowl. More often than not, she’s forced to get up in the dead of night to finish her homework while her father thunderously snores away in the next room.

While one Nuggler runs the shadows, the other just does her geography homework. It’s unclear which would more disappointed in the other should they both know the truth.

*Citation needed.

Kelsey Nuggler

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